Storm Warning

No matter how hard twelve-year-old North Olson tries to do what’s right, he can’t seem to please his dad. When a major flood threatens to destroy his hometown, North is left in charge of his little sister Rosie. A blizzard blows in and his great-grandmother disappears. Can North find his great-grandmother and keep Rosie safe as the flood waters continue to rise? Will he finally make his dad proud?

This story takes place in Ada, Minnesota, and Fargo, North Dakota, during the devastating flood of 1997. The story is fiction, but it is based on real events that impacted thousands of people in the Red River Valley of the North.


A Junior Library Guild Gold Star Selection!
In April 2022, Storm Warning was the featured book in a regional reading event for kids: “Red River Valley Kids Read.”


Reader Reviews

“As a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for books that entice readers. This book would be great for any teacher or parent looking to discuss themes of cooperation, family relationships and dynamics, and problem-solving. The story is a fictionalization of true events that happened in Minnesota in the winter of 1996-1997, when historically high amounts of snow and a tragic storm in early April brought flooding to western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. Because the main character is male, it will appeal to boy readers; girl readers will also find it enjoyable. Younger children could easily understand the story if it is read to them, so it would make a great bedtime read. Teachers, this book would likely appeal to your reluctant readers who will enjoy a high-interest story with humor and suspense.”

“Storm Warning is based on actual events that happened in the Red River Valley of Minnesota/North Dakota during the historic flood of 1997. The flood was devastating and this story, while fiction, does portray what really happened by focusing on one family and how it affected their lives. North, the twelve year old protagonist, is thrown one catastrophe after another as he tries to protect his little sister and great-grandma as they hope for rescue. Lots of references to local people and places, and a fun surprise at the end. A great read for kids and grownups!”

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