Constitution Q&A: 175+ Fascinating Facts for Kids

Who wrote the beginning of the Constitution of the United States? What rights does the First Amendment protect? Can a kid sue their school for an unfair punishment? Help young learners find the answers to these questions and more in this fascinating look at the Constitution for kids. They’ll learn about how it was written, the people who created it, and the ways it helps our government work—one amazing fact at a time.


This top choice in constitution books for kids features:

     175+ awesome things to know—Kids will step back in time and explore the history of the Constitution with Q&As, true or false questions, and more.
     History that’s easy to learn and fun to share—Provide kids with bite-sized bits of info that are simple to remember and share with their friends and family.
     A complete overview—Young learners will examine the story of this living document, from when it was first written to its use in the government today.

Help kids learn to love exploring US history with this engaging look at the Constitution.

Reader Reviews

We like this book for our homeschooling curriculum. Has great questions on the back. Good for testing your kid in government knowledge.

Easy to Grasp Facts
Great content for those K-12 students who are enrolled in public school systems. The Constitution Q&A booklet, when paired with a pocket-sized copy of the Bill of Rights/Constitution booklet, provides anyone with hands on, easy to understand content.

The Constitution: Just as fascinating now as it was 250 years ago
We homeschool and I am always looking for quality books which not only help my children learn but also keep them interested in the subjects they are studying. ‘Constitution Q&A’ by Raum is not a textbook, but instead has close to 200 questions and answers and other random facts to bring history alive and relevant. Some of the facts and q&a are well known but many are surprising. One of my personal favorite true or false question is “The Constitution makes it possible for you to become a pirate” – true or false? Get the book to find out the answer!
The book also includes a picture on every other page or so. Some or black and white but most are colored and many are quite stunning.
We’ve been using the book as a fun way to check our personal knowledge by reading it aloud together as a family. Though small (slightly larger than a paperback) it would make a great coffee table book as any age can pick it up and open to a random page and begin reading.

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