Colonial Life Series

Learn about life in Colonial America. It wasn’t always wonderful, but it was always interesting! Imagine living in a community without roads, flush toilets, or washing machines. Clothes had many layers and houses didn’t have indoor furnaces or air-conditioning. People didn’t even believe in taking baths. Life was surely different, but it eventually led us to how we live today

Reader Reviews

A teacher writes, “Real life in the Colonies Stank! I love this series – I always told my students that I’d like to invent a history spray & this book goes along with my ideas!!”

A homeschool mom writes, “Makes Reading Fun for Kids age 8-12. 30 page soft book in a kid friendly size, presents the history subject with relatable wording, and most sections are 1 page of text and 1 page of photo/drawing/graphics. I would recommend this for ages 8-12. I purchased several books on The Colonies and American Revolution for 10 yo homeschool, and this is probably my favorite for catching the interest of my kid.”

A teacher writes, “Elementary Kids Love Funny Book. Love these books. Perfect for elementary school. You can use all or parts to cover lessons on US and VA History!”

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